Alongside the Buzen road, the “Yachiyoza,” built in 1910 and famous thorough Japan, can be found. These theatres convey the traditional style of stages of the Edo Period.

Yamaga lantern folk craft museum

The “Yamaga Lantern Folk Craft Museum,” built in the Taisho Period, can be found along the Buzen road. “Yamaga lanterns,” a traditional Yamaga handcraft is displayed in the inn.

Yunohata Park

In Yunohata Park near “Yamaga lantern folk craft museum,” there is a footbath and a place for residents to take a rest.The water at the Yamaga onsen differs in quality from the water at the Hirayama onsen in the main inn, but it would be hard to say that one is better than the other, as it also is mild and skin-beautifying.Also with drinking spring water.


The fundamental concept regarding the Ryokan Guest Charge System is based on a per person charge with two meals (dinner + breakfast) within the capacity of 2~4 guests in a room.

By Plane

By Train


A special discount ticket offered by JR railways, geared towards individual foreign tourists.
Ride as many bullet and express trains as you'd like (Nozomi and Mizuho trains excluded) within the given time period!

In the case of car(Access time)

15 minutes by car from Kyushu Automobile Kikusui Interchange and Nankan Interchange, and 20 minutes by car from Ueki Interchange.

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes
Internet connection charges No
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with breakfast included (per person)
Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Child Not acceptable
Cancellation ※Cancellation fee
7 day prior: 40% of the room rate
2 day prior: 50% of the room rate
1 day prior: 70% of the room rate
Accomodation day: 100%
Payment Cash,


Name of accommodation HOTARU NO NAGAYA
Address 5206-7,Hirayama,Ymagashi-city,Kumamoto prefecture